19 - 23 September 2023,

                                          Royal Hotel Carlton

               Bologna, Italy

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Conference Proceedings


Aim of the benchmark at ICEB conference is to examine FEM codes capabilities and users’ knowledge in the simulation of extrusion trials which were carried out and monitored by conference organizers. The comparison of the “blind” simulations by the participants with the experimental results allows users to check if their simulation settings are generally adequate to replicate the problem, and software house to verify the sensitivity of their solving methods. It is very important for us to remind that, due to the complexity of this matter, it would be useless to consider the benchmark as a contest: it is, instead, an opportunity to fix some points about the everyday simulation practice, each participant with his own particular interest. In this direction no winner will be awarded at the end of the conference because a clear comparison of code’s capabilities will visibly emerge.

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