19 - 23 September 2023,

                                          Royal Hotel Carlton

               Bologna, Italy

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Conference Proceedings

Comments Gallery Milan 2013

From B.D. Garg, Jindal Aluminium, India
…. We enjoyed our stay in Milano during last week. We attended all the papers presented in the conference. We really appreciate your efforts in making the Congress successful. We have seen personally how closely you were monitoring all the activities of the Congress and comforts of the participants. Your staff were also immensely helpful and visit to lake Maggiori was extremely enjoyable. We thank you for making such nice arrangements...

From J. Benedyk, Light Metal Age, USA
…Thank you for all you've done for conference attendees. Eleanor and I enjoyed this congress immensely, as we did your last venue in Bologna. Of course the technical sessions, which I have been reading off of the flash drive you provided, serve as a gourmet main course, However, the antipasti of social programs that you provided were appreciated no end. And the dolci of your staff made the entire experience so pleasurable. Thank you Walter, Cecilia, Patricia, Francesca, and all the folks at Interall for your work….

From S.C. Agrawal, Jindal Aluminium, India
….I must congratulate you and your entire team for organizing a wonderful Aluminium-2000 - 8th World Congress in Milan. It was amazing to see participation from 52 countries including far off Latin American countries, East European countries and also Russia. It was heartening to see the participation from the front line African countries and also other African countries…

From C. Rasina, Universal Alloy, Romania
…Thank you for the invitation at the Congress and for the beautiful program you offered….

From I. Kim and K. Lee, School of Advanced Materials Science and Engineering, Korea
…I and my wife were impressed in this Al 2000 congress… I was impressed by your kindness and devotion for everything. I also thank to all your staffs. We look forward to seeing you in the next congress….

From N. Brenner, Uniscan-Research, Russia
…Thank you for the excellent organization of the Congress. We have some new business partners through participations in the Congress….

From K. Sivakumar, Zak Trade Fairs & Exhibitions, India
….I enjoyed very much the event, if was very funny and the presentations were very useful to create new business. Thank you very much for everything….

From R. Sawyer, Serfilco, UK
… It was a pleasure to see you in Milano last week, I had a delightful trip….

From D. Costa, Fives North American Combustion, USA
…Best regards and congratulations to organizing committee and staff…

From A. Flores, Cinvestav, Mexico
…Everything went ok during the conference, I met new colleagues, the conference program was at the high possible level, so I look forward to see you once again in the next future. Thanks for all….

From S. Spohr, AAC, USA
….I want to thank you again for letting AAC participate in Aluminium 2000 by offering the AAC Workshop and for providing several of the speakers. I enjoyed meeting you, you and your co-workers did a wonderful job coordinating the congress and also I also the social events were fantastic….

From S. Santi, Honorary Consul of Mozambique
… It was a very interesting moment of encounter and exchange ….

From G. Barbarossa, Aital, and R. Boi, Qualital, Italy
….Sincere thanks for the hospitality and compliments for the excellent organization of your event Aluminium Two Thousand Congress, for the professionalism and courtesy of all the staff members, and for the interesting contents of the presentations of the speakers who provided an important contribution to the success of the event and gave to the participants a scientific knowledge luggage….

From A. Trevisan, SAT Aluminium, Italy
…I would like to thank you again for the Aluminium Two Thousand Congress, for us it was an opportunity for professional growth and interesting business meetings. Profile of the participants was of high quality; I do not think we can afford to miss the next edition. Moreover, the welcome and the kindness of the organizing committee made our stay in Milan very pleasant….

From C. Caporale, Trasmetal, Italy
… As always my appreciation and my thanks for the great success of the congress….

From K. and B. Thorndike, Key Manufacturing, Australia
… Many thanks for a great conference and social program. Thank you for your wonderful Italian hospitality….

From F. and P. Terrazas, Oxal, Mexico
… Good congress, better food, best friends. See you at the next conference in Italy. Thanks for everything…

From L. and J. Stackhouse, Micro Technica Technologies, Germany
… We thoroughly enjoyed the Conference. Grazie!....

From D. and R. Turnipseed and L. Applegate, Belco Industries, USA
…Thank you for all the wonderful hospitality and most information conference! The conference and accompanying program were superb! ….

From M. and A. Brace, Consultant, UK
….With thanks and affection…

From C. Yanez, A. Pinon, R. Mendez and A. Arce, Extrusion de Aluminio, Venezuela
….Thanks for all the attention. We really enjoy the Aluminium Two Thousand Congress…..

From N. Giguère and D. Levasseur, Centre de Metallurgie du Quebec,Canada
….Grazie from Quebec, very fine meal!....

From R. and R. Gallo, Molten, USA
…Thank you for the time and effort planning such an unforgettable congress. Your social program is very good. Gracias, grazie….

From M. and J. Willmott, Land Instruments International, UK
…Grazie. Thank you for a very well oganised and exceptional conference (and excellent tours and visits)….

From Lokshin, Alusil, Russia
...A very positive impressions of Aluminium 2000. He highly appreciates all the work you have done to prepare such a big event!...

From Natalya Brenner, Uniscan, Russia
Thank you for the excellent organization of the Congress. We have some new business partners through participation in the Congress.

From E. Benedyk, , USA
...Again, your Milan Copngress was just as special. Your social program is the best, and we look forward to your next Congress...