19 - 23 September 2023,

                                          Royal Hotel Carlton

               Bologna, Italy

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Conference Proceedings

Paper Awards Verona 2017


The best papers of the Aluminium Two Thousand - ICEB World Congress


 1. Mrs. Runge, CompCote International, USA, for the high scientific value and for her contribution to the research on the polarization phenomena and the mechanism of the anodic oxide formation

"Polarization: the key to anodic oxide formation"

2. Mr. Soltanieh, School of Metallurgy and Materials Engineering, Iran University of Science and Technology, Iran, for the highly academic value of the contents on corrosion with his presentation

"Effect of anodizing time and pulse current modes on the corrosion behaviour of nanostructured anodic layer in commercial pure aluminum"

3. Mr. Barbarossa, AITAL, Italy, for the novelty of the research regarding the phenomena of yellowing of aluminium coating

"Yellowing of the aluminium coating: influence of curing parameters and evaluation of color changes due to accelerated aging tests"

4. Mr. Pettersson, Candor Sweden AB, Sweden, for his thorough research on non-chrome pretreatment

"Pretreatments influence on chrome free passivation"


1. Mr. El Mehtedi, DIISM Department, Università Politecnica delle Marche, Italy, for the wide and complete investigations of this topic extremely relevant for the advancements of the process simulation accuracy

"Comparison of compression and torsion constitutive analyses of Al-Mg-Si alloy at elevated temperature"

2. Mr. Royset, Hydro Aluminium Research and Technology Development Sunndal, Norway, for the topic of relevant industrial and academic interest and for the knowledge sharing of a wide experimental campaign 

"Al-Mg-Si billets with high extrudability – state of the art and beyond"

3. Mr. Schulze, TU Dortmund Institute of Forming Technology and Lightweight Construction, Germany, for the innovative application of the extrusion process in the development of future components

"Developments in composite extrusion of complex profiles for automotive applications"

4. Ms. Boncina, University of Maribor, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Slovenia, for the well described innovative approach for 3D characterization of microstructures in al-alloys

"Methods of Deep etching and particle extracting for controlling of aluminium alloys"


1. Mr. Euh, Metallic Materials Division, Korea Institute of Materials Science, Korea 

"Effect of Ultrasonic Melt-treatment on the Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Multi-component AlMgSiCuZn Alloy"

2. Mr. Zupanic, University of Maribor, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Slovenia

"Precipitation Hardening of New Aluminium Quasicrystalline Alloys"

3. Ms. Tocci, University of Brescia, Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, Italy

"Dispersion hardening of an AlSi3Mg alloy with Cr and Mn addition"

4. Mr. Horr, LKR, Austrian Institute of Technology, AIT, Austria

"Thermal Energy Approach for Aluminium Process Simulations: Source-Capacity Technique"


1. Mr. Goulas, Zeologic SA, Greece, for his highly innovative contribution in water purification

"The innovative geochemical active clay sediment (GACS) method and its implementation to the powder coating plants waste water treatment"


1. Mr. Torres Torres, Centro de Investigación y de Estudios Avanzados del IPN, Mexico, for the novelty in the use of aluminium cans for new technological material

"Analysis of the formation of intermetallic compounds in foams Al-Cu-Ni obtained from recycled aluminum cans"


1. Mr. Oliani, Energia, Italy, for the interest created by his presentation on the use of aluminium for technological, artistic and communication purposes

"DECORCOAT. Walls to communicate (and reduce CO2 emissions)"


Mr. Kamal Yammine who has attended 9 Aluminium Two Thousand congress editions


The prize for the participant from further East goes to Takahiro Hizukami from Japan

The prize for the participant from further West goes to Sean Novak from the USA

The prize for the participant from further North goes to Jostein Royset from Norway

The prize for the participant from further South goes to Thomas Dorin from Australia