19 - 23 September 2023,

                                          Royal Hotel Carlton

               Bologna, Italy

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Conference Proceedings

Social Program Verona 2017


Along with the activities of the social program that will be offered to all participants, 3 half day tours will be organized for Aluminium Two Thousand - ICEB Accompanying persons.


Discover the beauty and secrets of Verona by taking a walk through the best known routes of the old town and the most special ones, to admire its modern richness and its historical and cultural heritage. Participants will see Verona most beautiful buildings, the squares, the balcony where Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet declared their love, the Roman Arena, famous worldwide for its summer Opera Festival, the fine stone-carved Scaliger Tombs, lords of Verona, the archaeological excavations, and much more.


Mantua is a small and spectacular city. From the lakes, a remarkable artificial fortification, visitors can admire its dramatic skyline of ancient towers, turrets, cupolas, and domes. It was home of the Gonzagas, one of Italian greatest Renaissance families, who made it a very important city and attracted the most important artists of the time. The impressive Ducal Palace, that is the largest residence in Italy after the Vatican, Te Palace with its spectacular frescoes, and the Basilica are wonderful examples of the finest Italian Renaissance.


Sirmione is one of the prettiest towns located on the shores of Garda Lake. Roman poet Catullo used to describe it as “the pearl of the islands and peninsulas”. Surrounded by the Lake, its majestic view, its vegetation, natural thermal water, the ancient ruins, the wonderful fortress, its elegance, and natural appeal have made it a very popular touristic location.


A very attractive Social Program has been organized for participants, to discover and enjoy Verona and its beautiful surroundings. 

20 June 2017, TUESDAY

CLASSICAL MUSIC CONCERT performed by famous international artists will be offered to all participants and accompanying in the ancient church of San Procolo of the V century in the city center of Verona. 

21 June 2017, WEDNESDAY

REFINED GALA DINNER AT THE VILLA MOSCONI BERTANI:Participants and accompanying persons will pass a memorable evening that will be characterized by excellent Italian cuisine in a historic residence in the center of Verona.


 22 June 2017, THURSDAY

Jazz Concert will be perfomed at the Arena Casarini, Due Torri Hotel, by international artists. 

The exclusive Arena Casarini is an area with unique scenic effect and it is ideal for this events. Right after the recent restoration of precious frescoes, Arena Casarini has reopened and is a beautiful location called “little theatre” decorated in lively circus-like shades. 

24 June 2017, SATURDAY

Final sightseeing tour to the romantic VENICE for participants and accompanying persons, which will have the chance to visit not only the most popular and remarkable places but also the most hidden and enchanting ones, walking through its narrow and picturesque streets or sailing a vaporetto on the Grand Canal and the lagoon, to experience one of the most interesting and lovely places in the world.