19 - 23 September 2023,

                                          Royal Hotel Carlton

               Bologna, Italy

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Conference Proceedings

Desk Area Verona

A.T.I.E. UNO INFORMATICA.Innovative applications for automation and industrial management, product traceability and quality for the aluminum extrusion sector. www.unoi.it

ALTAIR ENGINEERING focuses on the development and broad application of simulation technology to synthesize and optimize designs, processes and decisions. www.altair.com

C.I.E. Compagnia Italiana Ecologia designs, develops, manufactures and installs water and waste water plants specifically dedicated to metal finishing. www.cieeng.com

Catherine Bertulli. American artist, Catherine produces beautiful and colorful aluminum sculptures made of industrial grade foil. www.catherinebertulli.com

CO.M.P.ES. manufactures dies for aluminium and has excellent reputation in the aluminium extrusion world market. www.compes.com

DIMASIMMA supplies automatic stores and automatic guided vehicles for goods storage and movement for the most different needs. www.dimasimma.com

EKSENAL. Pioneer of innovations in the aluminium extrusion profile die technologies, customer focused and adaptable to all technological developments. www.eksenal.com

ESTAL. The European Association for Surface Treatment on Aluminium, actively contributes towards finding solutions to technical, economic and ecological issues. www.estal.org

HIPA consultancy services ensure tailor-made offers and information packages for companies interested in investing in Hungary and ensures success. www.hipa.hu

IPCM. Bimonthly technical magazine for the industry of surface treatments and organic and inorganic finishes. www.ipcm.it

ITALTECNO. World leader in aluminium surface treatments technologies, supplying full range of chemicals and automatic plants for anodizing, powder coating and ecological extrusion die cleaning systems. www.italtecno.com - www.diecleaningplant.com  

LA RIVISTA DEL COLORE publishes 4 different magazines specialized in industrial technologies. www.larivistadelcolore.com  

Laboratorio ALUM produces unique hand manufactured delicate jewellery and home decor pieces made of aluminium, designed and created in Italy. www.alum.it  

Light Metal Age. Bi-monthly publication, Light Metal Age covers the entire chain of the aluminum industry and has been delivering valuable information for 75 years. www.lightmetalage.com  

QForm-Extrusion. QForm is designed for aluminum and magnesium profile extrusion simulation. Micas Simulations supplies softwares for extrusion, rolling, forging, heat treatment, microstructure properties forecasts. www.qform3d.co.uk  

TRASMETAL designs and builds complete systems for all surface treatment and finishing technologies, pre-treatment, drying, painting and enamelling systems. www.trasmetal.it  

TURLA. Leader in the construction of aluminum extrusion presses and handling systems, covering the entire extrusion production line. www.turla.it  

WAGNER. World-leading manufacturer of systems for surface finishing with paints, powder coatings, wet coatings and other liquid materials. www.wagner-group.com  

WEFA Singen GmbH develops, constructs and delivers high quality extrusion dies for companies in numerous industries and fields. www.wefa.com