19 - 23 September 2023,

                                          Royal Hotel Carlton

               Bologna, Italy

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Conference Proceedings


Foundry 1 : PaweĊ‚ K. Krajewski, A. Lindsay Greer, Jiri Orava, Beata Gracz, Grzegorz Piwowarski, Magdalena Kawalec, Ewa Olejnik, Witold K. Krajewski with AlZn-matrix cast composites reinforced with Ti aluminides;

Foundry 2 : Giulia Scampone, Antonio Russo, Roberto Muzzani, Alessio Carminati, Giulio Timelli with The influence of surface segregation on the anodizing of AlSi11Cu2(Fe) diecastings;

Extrusion 1: joint winners Marco Negozio, Riccardo Pelaccia, Lorenzo Donati, Barbara Reggiani, Sara Di Donato with Microstructure evolution and FEM prediction on AA6XXX alloys and Riccardo Pelaccia, Marco Negozio, Sara Di Donato, Lorenzo Donati, Barbara Reggiani with Recent trends in nitrogen cooling modelling of extrusion dies;

Extrusion 2: Anders Nesse, Mads Iddberg, Ole Runar Myhr, Trond Furu with Optimization of geometric design of extruded products incorporating properties, cost and co2 footprint;

Extrusion 3: Andreas Schiffl, Serena Tourey, Patrick Riepler with Influence of gas oven temperature on the microstructure and extrudability of Al-Mg-Si aluminium alloys.

Surface finishing : Jude Mary Runge with Anodizing Strategies for Complex Alloys;

Innovative Technologies: Martina Montinaro with Innovative technologies in aluminium industry for driving the decarbonization process and achieving a business jolting.