19 - 23 September 2023,

                                          Royal Hotel Carlton

               Bologna, Italy

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Conference Proceedings

Comments Gallery Bologna 2011

We wish to thank all participants for their contribution to the great success of the congress and in particular the following companies for the most welcome written compliments and comments received, in addition to those expressed verbally.

From Garry Martin, Alba (Aluminium Bahrain), Bahrain
...It was a great pleasure to have attended the aluminium congress event in Bologna last week. The information obtained and contacts made are of particular value in my work for the technical support of the Alba’s extrusion ingot customers. I would also like to comment that the organization of and venue for this event under your guidance was first rate.
The plant visit to the Profilati S.p.A near Bologna last Friday was also very useful and it is truly a first class extrusion operation with some innovative technology in use. The hospitality extended during the visit by Mr Marco Galliani and his team at the plant was exceptional.

From Bernardo Gomez, Corpesa, Ecuador
...thanks for all the hospitality and support given during the Congress...

From Vasilevskiy, Iplana, Russia
...I would like to thank you for the exceptional organisation of the Congress Aluminium 2000. The variety of issues raised and discussed at the Congress were of great interest and much importance to our company,
The issues contributed enormously to the experience we have accumulated over the years.
Being a loyal visitor to the event, Mr.Vasilevskiy looks forward to taking his part in the Congress in 2015, where as before he will be able to exchange his knowledge and gained experience with you and other participants from different countries.

From David Turnipseed, Belco Industries, USA
...I just wanted to send you a sincere thank you for your wonderful hospitality and hard work. Both Rita and I feel so fortunate to have met and spent time with such gracious people like your selves and Mr. Walter Dalla Barba. We enjoyed all the functions of the Aluminium 2000 show and will definitely be back for the next one. Please let us know if we can ever do anything in return for you...

From Jack Tetrault, Sanford Process Corp., USA
...I wish to commend you and your staff once more for an outstanding congress. I was proud to be part of it. (By the way Isabella did a marvelous job for you.)

From Fernando R. Philipson, Starminas, Brazil
Walter, It was a pleasure to know you personally, and also all the others that were working for the organization of the events.
The program was very good for me, regarding updating on processes and equipments, and also the day with the Professors from Bologna University (Extrusion Seminar).
My wife also liked very much all the activities (special thanks to Patricia). And both of us also liked very much what we could see from Bologna.

From Elena Jasnogorodskaja, W. Oberste-Beulmann GmbH & Co. KG, Germany
it was the great pleasure for all us to participate in the Aluminium Two Thousand Congress. Thank you very much for this event!

From Güler Eras, Net Kimya San.ve Tic.Ltd, Turkey
I would like to thank you for the invitation of congress. Really, I have learnt so many things. This congress has given me more details than Florence . Always to learn new things make me so happy.

From Karin Rasmussen, Bang & Olufsen, Denmark
it was very interesting joining your congress. I surely made good contacts to develop further on...

From Vedrana Cvitanic, University of Split, Croatia
I wish to thank you for the really interesting and valuable time in Bologna...

From Thomas Niehoff, Linde AG, Germany
I would like to thank you for a well organised conference and exhibition in a very nice city of Italy...

From Jie Zhou, Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands
You all made tremendous efforts to organize the conference. It was a great success.
I was especially impressed by the efficiency of your work and your care for the delegates. Both Mr. Wang and I were very happy about the arrangements you made before and during the conference. I am now writing on behalf of Mr. Wang to thank you all.

From Anne Deacon Juhl, AluConsult, Denmark
Thanks for a wonderful and interesting congress this year. I really enjoyed the presentations and the networking.

From Edi Kokalj, SurTec International GmbH, Germany
I would like to express compliments and gratitude in name of my company and in my name for excellent organisation.

From Josef Baumgartinger, Lenzing Technik GmbH, Austria
I have to say thank you and congratulations for your excellent congress.

From Ignace & Caroline Vandenbroucke, Flandria Aluminium, France
We would like to thank Signor Della Barba and his team for the wonderful organization of the Aluminium 2000 Congress which took place in Bologna. We had a very nice and interesting time.

From Rogério dos Santos, Italtecno do Brasil, Brazil
I would like to congratulate you and all your Staff for the ALUMINIUM 2000, 2011. It was a wonderfull oportunity to see all the new developments and to know such a especial people. Besides that I would like to thanks all the hospitality...

From Danilo Ciccola, Alreyven , Venezuela
...I create a group on facebook called “Aluminium 2000 Bologna” to share the pictures taken at Profilati tour and other among the congress...

From Isabelle Ecotière, Surtec France, France
Thank you for the very good organization of the congress last week...

From Lorenzo Donati, Diem-Tech, University of Bologna, Italy
Grazie a voi per la premurosa cura con cui avete coccolato noi ed ogni singolo partecipante alla conferenza. Ritengo sia stato un successo grazie allo sforzo che ognuno ha profuso in maniera incondizionata...

From Wang Zitao, Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands
Thank you and all Interall Staff. It was a great conference and very successful...

From Michael Wolsleger, Aluminio de Baja California, USA
I have heard from several collogues that your conference is a great success, congratulations.

From Romeu Rovai Filho, Dexter Brasil, Brasil
E ' stato davvero fantastico a partecipare nuovamente di questo evento spettacolare...

From Giuseppe Sant’Unione, Modena Centro Prove, Italy
Complimenti per l’organizzazione ed il contenuto tecnico delle relazioni presentate al Congresso...

From Yana Akopov, QuantorForm, Ltd., Russia
We thank you for efficient conference...

From Stanka Tomovic-Petrovic, Sintef Raufoss, Norway
I wish to thank you for a nice organized and unforgettable event and pleasant hosting

From Vladimir Vladimirovich, Alutech, Belarus
Thank you and see you late at the next Congress in 2015

From Ronald Manganello, Carlesa Nde Services, USA
I thank you very much for inviting me to the Congress in Bologna. I am very happy and satisfied that I attended. I very much enjoyed staying in Bologna. It was my first visit to Italy, and having Italian heritage, I wish I could have toured Italy longer...
I will look forward to the next Congress in 2015...
Thank you very much for the invitation, and for for your gracious hospitality in Bologna.

From Manfred Lϋck, Wagstaff, USA
A big thank you to yourself and your staff again for perfectly organizing
this excellent meeting and for the wonderful days we were allowed to spend
in Bologna and it's surroundings.

From Greg Rajsky, ET Foundation, USA
Thank you all for another successful program. I enjoyed my time with you and our many friends.

From JM Drezet, Epfl - École Polytechnique Fédérale De Lausanne, Switzerland
I thank you for inviting me at the conference. It was very usefull for me to meet end-users
of aluminium extrusion billets.

From Franco Gramaglia, Presezzi Extrusion, Italy
...desidero ringraziare ancora una volta lei ed i suoi collaboratori per la collaborazione l’assistenza ricevuta.

From Anne Marie Fellom, Publisher Light Metal Age
Walter, I wanted to thank you so much for all your graciousness during the Congress in Bologna. I thought the entire event was wonderful. I was so happy with my time at the Congress and in Italy. I was very impressed with how well the whole event was organized in every way. You did a spectacular job with the presentations, the tours, the social events, and the meals. All the people in your organization did an outstanding job of getting everything done and making everyone happy. I will surely wish to travel and attend the next Aluminium Two Thousand.

From Roberto Mastrangelo, Hydro Aluminium Extrusion Spain, Spain
...E’stato un piacere poter partecipare all'extrusion workshop. L’ organizzazione è stata eccellente.